Visual Assist X全版本通用补丁

这次带来的是Visual Assist X的全版本通用破解补丁,以前每次更新版本都需要找对应的破解补丁,你是不是已经蛋碎了无痕了,每次都奔波在找补丁的路上,这次全版本通杀,没有任何问题,杀软也不会报毒(个别杀软报就不要提了)。


Build 1918

requires software maintenance through 2012.10.26 (General release.)

  • New! Bulk Move Implementation to Source is supported on class declarations. (case=68102) 10906, 10741, 9830, 8239, 6534, 6481, 6476
  • New! Goto (Alt+G) on C++11 auto keyword jumps to the inferred type definition. (case=69239) 10920
  • New! VS2012: Open Corresponding File (Alt+O) no longer uses preview tab. (case=69797)
  • Fixed potential crash when working with solutions containing many JavaScript unit tests. (case=70215)
  • Improved performance for HTML files containing large amounts of JavaScript code. (case=69748)
  • Fixed Goto for C++ template class methods. (case=42266) 9469
  • Fixed Goto for solutions containing project directories that are also platform include directories. (case=61788) 10373
  • Fixed Goto for implementations that follow certain macro-generated methods. (case=68625) 10521
  • Bulk Create Implementation recognizes MFC DECLARE_MESSAGE_MAP generated implementations. (case=68802) 7247
  • Bulk Create Implementation emits the correct $SymbolName$ for each method. (case=68550) 10921, 10874
  • Improved Create Implementation on function declarations containing macro-defined qualifiers. (case=68634) 10847
  • Find References supports C++11 auto keyword. (case=69271)
  • Fixed tracking of Find References results in HTML/ASP/ASPX files after file is edited. (case=69105)
  • Removed spurious parentheses from autocompletion of "using" directives. (case=69880) 10964
  • Improved parsing of symbols used in lambdas. (case=57605) 10927, 10755
  • Fixed spurious underline of function followed by lowercase macro-defined qualifier. (case=62756) 10447
  • Created separate C and C++ refactor snippets for Create from Usage. (case=68490)
  • C/C++ labels are valid targets for Find References, Rename, and Goto. (case=1909) 6430, 5041
  • Spell Check supports single-line Doxygen comments. (case=69662) 10133
  • Change C/C++ listbox sorting algorithm to match Visual Studio for symbols prefixed with _ or ~. (case=65462)
  • VS2010+: Fix for VA Navigation Bar disappearing when manipulating split document windows. (case=70061)
  • VS2010+: Fixed resource script syntax coloring. (case=69846) 10958
  • VS2010+: Fixed listbox and refactor popup position when using high DPI settings. (case=68460) 10866
  • VS2010+: Spell Check menu appears on press of context menu key when caret is on underlined word (Shift+F10 is not supported). (case=64418) 10560
  • VS2012: Fix for crash that would occur some time after creating a multi-window editor layout. (case=70062)
  • VS2012: Better handling of dark theme colors in tool windows and menus. (case=69881, case=70160)
  • VS2012: Improvements to IDE theme support. (case=69995)
  • VS2012: Improved parsing of native unit test framework. (case=69244)



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